Report To Indian Coast Guard About The Missing Yacht & Occupants

Report To Indian Coast Guard About The Missing Yacht & Occupants

18 March 2018

Admist the mystery of what exactly happened to the Nostromo, and the whereabouts and safety of Princess Latifa II, the Indian coastguard have been asked repeatedly for information. On 18 March 2018, Radha Stirling, in her capacity as representative to the Nostromo’s passengers, sent the following email to the Indian Coastguard.

a print screen of the content of the email sent to the indian coastguard by detained in dubai reporting both the nostromo yacht and people missing

Radha’s message makes it clear that an SOS call was made by Princess Latifa II from aboard the Nostromo, in or near Indian territoral waters. With the last known co-ordinates of the yacht also included it asks the Indian authorities to meet their obligations to investigate, and to provide warnings to other vessels that hostile activity has being reported in the area.

The Nostromo & Attached Notesa picture of the nostromo yacht and intelligence notes on the journey planned onboard by herve jaubert and princess latifa II

In order to assist the Indian Coastguard, Radha attached the above information and image.

With all the information sent to them, coupled with their obligations under International Law, there truly is no excuse for the Indian Coastguard and Ministry of Defence not to launch a thorough investigation.