Simon Macbeth & Roundhay Web Design

The #Free Latifa website was designed and developed by Simon Macbeth and his team at Roundhay Web Design in Leeds. They created much of the branding which is used throughout the site and subsequently on various social media platforms to raise awareness of the plight of Princess Latifa.

In addition to creating the website itself and the branding, Simon’s team also took it upon themselves to write much of the early content required to get the website established and live online. This was especially important as many of those involved in the campaign where occupied with other matters.

#freelatifa social media image

Simon & Roundhay Go Above And Beyond

From our initial discussions with Simon we were struck by his immediate concern for Latifa’s wellbeing and the human tragedy which had, and continues, to occur.

We were even more delighted when Simon informed us he’d be happy to complete all the work required to make the website live and provide ongoing support for no cost. This generosity, along with that of many other supporters of the campaign to free Princess Latifa, has provided us with the ability to divert our limited resources into other areas, helping us significantly increase the campaigns profile.

Roundhay Web Design

Based in Roundhay, a leafy suburb just outside Leeds City Centre, Roundhay Web Design are an award-winning web design agency with years of specialist experience.

Roundhay offer a full range of services, from web design and development, through to branding (as you can see with the fabulous branding for our campaign), copywriting and SEO/Digital Marketing. They pride themselves on offering an affordable service that produces significant results.

Customer service is also a core part of the business model Simon Macbeth has instilled in his team. With regular updates provided and our opinions listened to and respected, we were hugely impressed with all our communication with Roundhay.

As our own website shows, Roundhay’s provision of an affordable service doesn’t mean they cut corners and do things on the cheap. Their portfolio of previous work showcases how they have a proven track record of both designing and developing high quality sites that look fantastic and contain features visitors will engage with.

Simon Macbeth – Project Manager & Campaign Supporter

Simon Macbeth is the founder and owner of Roundhay Web Design. He had already come to our attention as a supporter of good causes, but more importantly with a reputation for creating fantastic websites.

Working with Simon has been a pleasure. From our initial contact he took personal charge of the whole project and created the stunning branding we’ve used since. He’s offered his advice and suggestions to us on building the campaign and for that we’re incredibly grateful.

Simon’s lived quite the life prior to setting up Roundhay Web Design. As a younger man, he started and ran several small businesses. He found that trying to find a web designer who could give him the websites he wanted and needed was more difficult than it should have been.

The web designers he approached didn’t appear to care about their clients, and, even more surprisingly, didn’t have much of a passion for web design. It was disconcerting for Simon that he knew what was necessary for quality web design, but the professional web designers didn’t seem to grasp this.

It was these experiences that paved the way for Roundhay Web Design. Simon reckoned that since he couldn’t find what he was looking for in a web designer, his best bet was to create a web design agency of his own. Roundhay Web Design was built on a passion for top-class web design and authentic customer care.

In 2009, Simon set about learning web design. Now, around a decade later, he’s delighted to be able to continue to earn a living doing something he’s honestly passionate about. He commands a team of web designers, developers and marketers who share his passion for web design and who understand that the customer has to come first. Everything Roundhay does under Simon’s command focuses on delivering the kind of service he searched for as a businessman.

With the title of design manager, Simon works hard to make sure that every client gets top-class care and that the team deliver a website perfect for the client’s needs. Simon runs a tight ship where all the projects run smoothly and are completed on time. He pushes his team to always aim to exceed client expectations.

There’s no hard-sell at Roundhay. What’s more Simon makes sure that his team never up-sell additional features that clients don’t need. Every project is tailored precisely to the client’s actual needs. Clients have more value to Simon than money. This attitude shows in the role of relationship-building in the business. Simon has worked hard to create a kind of web design agency that stands out because of its values, and that has an excellent reputation, too.