FreeLatifa Campaign

“If I don’t make it out, I really hope there’s some positive change that will happen from all of this”

The Free Latifa Campaign  was established by Latifa’s best friend Tiina Jauhiainen and Human rights lawyer David Haigh, campaigner Radha Stirling and the crew of the Nostromo. We are the only official campaign group representing Latifa and Tiina.

The campaign is run by Tiina Jauhiainen and David Haigh with the support of Detained International and Stirling Haigh. Detained International is a not-for-profit legal advocacy non-government organisation (NGO), founded to assist people who have become victims of injustice and human rights violations in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East. Our team joined from Detained in Dubai, which they helped found, and the team have been helping hundreds of victims of injustice, discrimination and other human rights violations for some ten years. We are an NGO with charitable aims and are acting on a voluntary basis to help Latifa, as are our partners and staff. We are fortunate to be helped by many volunteers and supporters who donate their time and skills.